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Back to school season is upon us, so you know what that means—shopping for a new backpack, mapping out the bus route, and gathering the newest tools for learning! FableVision is here to help teachers, parents, and students make this school year the best one yet. Check out some of the many resources we have available to support learners of all ages, both in the classroom and at home.

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Zoombinis (TERC, Learning Games Network)

In this relaunch of the nineties classic game, players can practice their logical reasoning, pattern finding, and problem solving skills with 12 puzzles and four levels of increasing difficulty. In Zoombinis, middle schoolers  strengthen and implement their algebraic thinking, data analysis, and theory formulation skills in a fun and engaging setting, helping the Zoombinis, groups of small blue characters, on their logical journey home. The game is available for use on mobile and desktop applications, and can be played both at home and in the classroom.


Different Kinds of Hurt: Isaac’s Story
(Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Walker Cares)

It can be hard to open up to the people around you about how you feel. But Isaac and Mia are here to show you that it’s okay not to feel okay! Different Kinds of Hurt: Isaac’s Story, a multimedia campaign to promote conversations about mental health, destigmatizes these conversations by highlighting the similarities between mental health issues and physical injuries. Additional resources on how to identify signs of mental health issues in children and who to contact for support can be found on the Isaac’s Story website


Keenville (Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Center for Assessment)

Keenville, a game-based assessment we created for first and second grade students in the state of Georgia, changes what the traditional classroom looks like by making tests more fun and engaging. Students are faced with tasks and questions and are rewarded with beans, which they can exchange to buy items in the game. While students play through the games and improve their math and literacy skills, teachers can assign games and track their students’ progress through a specialized teacher dashboard. 

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Project Here Games (The Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Health Resources in Action, and the GE Foundation)

Created as a part of Project Here, a Massachusetts state-wide initiative to promote substance use prevention and healthy decision-making, Project Here Games is a useful tool for teaching social emotional skills. This game-based app consists of minigames and quizzes that allows for the user to practice skills such as standing up to peer pressure, coping with stress, and making healthy choices. Project Here Games is designed for grades 6 through 8 and can be used in an independent or collaborative setting, both at home and in school.


Digital Citizenship Music Videos
(Common Sense Education)

With the rise in internet and technology use in our daily lives, the next generation of young leaders need to learn how to navigate and use technology responsibly. With the help of the “Digital Citizens,” students will learn how to make safe decisions online. As a part of Common Sense’s re-vamped Digital Citizenship curriculum, FableVision created lyrics, songs, and animation for three music videos about media balance, being safe and respectful online, and more. Produced with students K-2 in mind, these videos will have you singing along while learning how to build good digital habits. 


Lights, Camera, Budget!
(Georgia Public Broadcasting, the Georgia Council on Economic Education)

Ever wondered what it takes to be a big shot Hollywood film producer? Lights, Camera, Budget! teaches key personal finance skills to middle and high school students as they navigate the process of creating a hit movie without going over budget. In this Common Core Standards aligned game, students learn financial literacy concepts by distributing an initial $100 million production budget and correctly answering multiple choice questions on a variety of personal finance topics to earn even more money. A virtual advisor provides expertise in one of three popular film genres, as well as money management throughout gameplay. Implement this game in your math class to help your students understand the importance of budgeting and managing your finances. 


The Paper Girls Show (Global Tinker) 

Join Caily and Reese on their journey of discovery, fun, and creativity! Inspired by STEAM education and the Makers Movement, The Paper Girls Show follows the two best friends as they explore Confetti, a world made of paper. Inspire the young scientists and inventors in your life to learn about art, science, computer programming, engineering, and friendship through the animated video series, maker projects, and additional resources available on The Paper Girls Show website here.


The Word Collector Animated Film
(Weston Woods) - Coming Soon!

Kids like to collect things like stamps, baseball cards, and even bugs! But what does Jerome collect? Words! Learn more about Jerome’s story as he discover new words and learns more about their power and magic in The Word Collector, an animated film based on FableVision founder and best-selling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds’ book of the same title. This film shows learners of all ages the ability words have to connect, transform, and empower. Follow along with your copy of the book, and share your favorite words on the Word Collector website here.


FableVision Learning CTE

Looking for a way to implement animation into your classroom? FableVision Learning’s Animation CTE Program is here to help students experience animation through Animation-ish, an animation training program that provides them with the skills needed to be successful beyond school. The Animation-ish software, designed by award winning author/illustrator/educator Peter H. Reynolds and the FableVision team, enables students to develop their creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.