Client: Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Center for Assessment

In Georgia public schools, first and second graders are on a mission to bring the missing Peachlings back to Planet Peachy Keen. Their teachers are on a mission too—to use Keenville to evaluate how well their students are absorbing the Georgia state curriculum. FableVision partnered with the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) and the Georgia Center for Assessment (GCA) to develop the statewide math and literacy game-based assessment.

On Planet Peachy Keen, the Peachlings have disappeared after strife between Keens scared them away! After building a Keen avatar, first and second graders play through Georgia-inspired games like River Patrol and Peachling Cafe and answer questions. Each time they answer a question correctly, they earn beans, and can use the beans to buy items for their Keen avatar or their Keen’s home. Students can track their own progress in the game by seeing how many Peachlings come back and how many beans they earn, while teachers have a personalized dashboard to track their students’ literacy and math progress.

FableVision designers built the game in a way that when a question is answered by a student, data is sent to a server that indicates whether the answer was correct or incorrect. The data from that server is then put into reports for teachers, parents, school administrators, district administrators, and state administrators. The reports show students’ progress and changes over time.

Watch a video about Keenville here.

A Peek Inside


Product: online game-based assessment

Tech Specs: HTML5

Age Range: grades 1-2

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