Have you ever applied to an internship or are applying to one for the future? Well, our first intern post is here and we wanted to take this opportunity to share our unique experiences that led us to FableVision. So whether you’re a fellow student who wants to understand more about interning or just looking for a good story, continue reading to hear from the three marketing interns and what they have to say about the process. 

(Not quite sure what InternVision is all about? Check out our "about" post!)

FableVision InternVision Amy

Amy's Story

We all know how it goes when looking for an internship: all of the applications are due basically in the same week, and it's possibly the most stressful week of your life. Well, I was in a busy part of my semester at Eastern Nazarene College and also applying for a summer internship in marketing, so of course all of my applications were due the same week in March. It's safe to say I was kinda freaking out.

In the midst of all the craziness of finalizing applications and reaching deadlines was when I first found out about FableVision. I actually found out from my dentist; her son, an art student, was applying for art internships, and FableVision was one of the only places where he received an interview. That sounded promising to me, seeing as I'd heard that many businesses don't even reply with a polite denial - just radio silence, which is pretty frustrating. So I went through the application process with FableVision, and was offered the internship!

Interning at FableVision has been the best random happenstance that could have happened. I'm having so much fun learning about how a marketing department of a small company works. Sarah and Andrea, our bosses in the marketing department, give a variety of different projects to do, from helping research and doing write-ups for FableVision's database to writing for social media and the FableBlog. On top of all the experience I'm getting, the workplace is just awesome to be in. From the enthusiastic employees to random waffle days (yes, as in we get to eat homemade waffles!), the stimulating environment means I'm always excited to go to work. There's always a new adventure, which is exactly what FableVision is all about.

FableVision InternVision Griffin


Griffin's Story

As the summer before my senior year at Tufts University approached, the pressure to find an  internship steadily mounted. After watching many of my friends follow their passions and intern around the world, from San Francisco to Budapest, I was left twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the right internship to present itself. After a disappointing junior year, I was determined to find something that not only appealed to my interests in children’s educational media but would also expose me to something new. A dozen cover letters and resumes later, I found myself on the 6th floor of 308 Congress Street for my interview with FableVision.

Walking into the office, I was immediately caught off guard. Despite intel from two of my friends who had previously interned at FableVision, I had envisioned the stuffy cubicles and gray walls I had become so accustomed to in past interviews. FableVision, however, features brightly painted walls with shelves of books and toys accompanied by an eclectic mix of music (with playlists like “TV show themes” and “80’s love songs”). There are no barriers separating departments or water cooler gossiping. It is an entirely open space.

And “open space” perfectly describes this internship. A mix of structured work (social media posts, marketing studies, etc.) and free time to pursue your interests (this blog, for example) defines life at FableVision and makes every day fun and interesting. I have reached the final destination of my internship quest, and I couldn’t be happier.


FableVision InternVision Emma

Emma's Story

When I was looking at colleges, one of the most important factors that came into play was thinking about the internships I would apply for during my four years. I decided to apply to schools that would prepare me for these experiences and were located in an area with many different options. I found myself at Emerson College in Boston as a television production major with a marketing minor. Soon enough, two years had passed, and I was ready to start applying for my first internship. I had a few friends that had worked internships in the city and I had heard some positive experiences and some horror stories, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I certainly wasn’t expecting to work at a place that is as fun-loving and childish as it is professional and educational. After applying to a few places across the city using Emerson's online internship database, I heard back from FableVision when I got a cheerful message from my (now) advisor Sarah. It was the only invitation I got that made me excited to learn more about the company and what I could possibly be doing for them. When I went to my first meeting I almost laughed out loud because the office looked like something from a TV show − I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Upon walking in, my eyes were drawn to the decorative lights hanging above the red curtains and jubilant company sign. When I looked past the curtain, I saw that the office and people in it seemed just as wonderful and welcoming as everything I had experienced thus far. I accepted the position of Marketing/Operations/Production intern as soon as they offered it to me, and I could not be more pleased with my decision. This one internship allows me to explore so many aspects of what I want to do, along with providing free time to create my own projects and collaborate with the other employees and interns.


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