Sometimes being an intern can be rough - juggling phone calls while conducting research and sending emails, and there's a meeting coming up in five minutes! But other times - all of the time - it's really awesome. Interns have the honor of making peoples' lives easier while learning new skills themselves. Even just by doing a quick social media write-up or running down the street to get a cup of coffee for someone who's really busy, every little bit helps make the workplace run smoother and more efficiently. Below are some pictures illustrating an average day in the life of a marketing intern at FableVision. Enjoy the journey!

internvision second blog post picture #1

10:00 AM

It’s almost the long weekend so there's not as many calls as there usually is. It took Amy and I about a week to figure out the phones here. The first day we even dropped it… multiple times. There are sticky notes to help you out if you ever get confused!

internvision blog post 2 picture #3

12:00 PM        

We have an hour for lunch which is awesome! Despite the heat, it is beautiful out and it always looks pretty out on the water. The studio is in South Boston, right on the harbor! There are a lot of places to go for food, including Au Bon Pain, which is in the lobby. A personal favorite of ours is Flour Bakery which is only a three-minute walk.


internvision blog post 2 picture #5


2:00 PM

Coffee break! I may be a full grown adult, but I will never get used to waking up at 6:30 a.m. Therefore caffeine is a must!








internvision blogpost 2 picture #7




4:00 PM

The lovely Amy is jammin' to the office’s classic '80s playlist.




photo 5.JPG

9:00 AM

An hour later after getting on the commuter rail and taking the orange and red line, I have finally arrived at 308 Congress St. It’s currently 83 degrees out so I am going to go de-heat and try to fix my hair. (Side note: the bridge crossing to our side of the street is a wind machine, so beware!)



internvision second blog post picture #2

11:00 AM

This is an office of healthy eaters (mostly), so I’m going to pick up lunch at Sweetgreen, a salad restaurant that's down the street. Yum!




internvision blog post 2 picture #4



1:00 PM

Mid-day meeting with our marketing advisors, Andrea and Sarah! Amy is rockin’ a blazer today so she's ready to take on any new tasks we may have. Watch out, Andrea is a very serious and stern person!

Left to right: Amy (intern), Andrea (Solutions Architect), Sarah (Marketing Coordinator).



internvision blogpost 2 picture #6



3:00 PM

Time to work on a case study! These are one of the many things marketing interns work on. A case study is a document we write that covers information on the start, production, completion, and launch of a project that the FableVision team has created.




5:00 PM

Good-bye FableVision Studios! It’s the long weekend, and everyone in the office is excited for the 4th of July. We’ll see you next week!