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Hello and welcome to InternVision! This blog is the brainchild of FableVision's summer 2014 marketing interns. Yes, we know that FableVision already has the FableBlog, but our blog here is a bit different. Here on InternVision, marketing and art interns have an opportunity to share their internship experiences with the world, from individual projects to office-wide events. It also gives our interns more opportunities to practice essential marketing skills, like writing, social media, and blogging.

By getting a glimpse at FableVision through the eyes of an intern, you can envision yourself as an intern here, too! If you are a student majoring in marketing or art and are interested in applying at FableVision, go ahead and read through some of the posts and see if FableVision would be a good fit for you. We're sure that if you love fun, learning, and creativity, then you'll love FableVision, too.a