Summer break is coming to an end, and the marketing interns are drawing our time at FableVision to a close. It's sad that time moves so quickly. We did a lot of great work and had an amazing time! We sincerely hope the adage, it's not good-bye, it's see you later, is true for us and the FableVision team.

Courtney and I both started in June, a bit nervous, and quickly jumped into the world and work of FableVision—drafting social media, helping write and research case studies, writing blog posts, and much, much more. In the first couple of weeks we were learning so much that I'd go home and be able to physically feel my brain processing all the information—it was exhausting in the good way, like when you finally get to lay down after a long day's work.

(Speaking of which, anyone who thinks interns don't work hard, or are merely coffee camels, hasn't heard about FableVision's internship experience. Come to think of it, I don't think we were ever forced to go get the office's coffee? Maybe we missed out on a life-changing experience.)

In the first weeks of our internship, Courtney and I created the awesomely customary Meet the Interns blog post, which we had a lot of fun with! We also got assigned big projects that would take a while to come to fruition.

Chief among them was the joint art and marketing intern independent project "Drawing Courage," an anthology of fictional comics centering "around themes that have shaped us into the creative people we are today: identity, loss, love, and self-care." This was a doozy of a project, and not something I personally had prepared for—I didn't think interns would be given such responsibility!—but it quickly became the best part of the work-week. Meeting with Yury and Mimi, the wonderful art and animation interns, and writing comics with Courtney, all while making sure everything was getting done on time was great training for project management, and a real bonding experience for the interns.

I began writing TechTalk, a look into how the tech team at FableVision makes all the projects that come through these doors really come to life, and Courtney began writing her utterly charming post about what it's like to work at FableVision and be a part of what she calls the "FableFamily," as well as an in-depth behind the scenes post for "Drawing Courage."

Few things force you to grow as much as being handed work and being told, "I trust you, make it great." (Something Sarah and Mitul said comfortingly often to us.) I could write all day about the wealth of great times in my three short months at FableVision, but I can reasonably sum them up as "amazing" and "hard work" and "worth every second." Being an intern at a friendly, smart, driven company has been a wonderful privilege, and if you're reading this and wondering if you should apply—what's stopping you? Come join the FableFamily for a while.