Hi there, we're the summer 2016 interns from FableVision Studios!

Drawing Courage is a collection of four fictitious comics written, illustrated, and animated by FableVision’s summer 2016 interns. Taking advantage of FableVision’s unique independent project program, we spent our summer learning from one another and working together to highlight our separate talents as a mini production studio. These comics center around themes that have shaped us into the creative people we are today: identity, loss, love, and self-care. 

Remarkable things can happen when you work with creative people at a place like FableVision. Draw courage from that truth.

To learn more about this project, read our behind-the-scenes post over at InternVision. 
You can learn more about FableVision's internship program here.


Who Made This?

Courtney Copelin is a proud New Orleanian attending Boston College. She is entering her senior year, studying in the Lynch School of Education majoring in Applied Psychology and Communication and minoring in Women and Gender studies.

Michelle Chiu is a Boston-based student, designer, and illustrator who is secretly three dogs in a trench coat.

Yury Guzman is an animator and illustrator studying in Boston. She is a living conversation who dreams of one day being five feet tall.

Ethan Thibault is a writer, game designer, audio engineer, and casual chaotician in the Boston, MA area. He is studying Game Design and Business at Fitchburg State University.


And of course, many thanks to the team at FableVision for their creative support and encouragement!