FableVision Art Interns Studio

At FableVision, the art interns play an integral role. With their tablets set up and styluses in hand, our three summer art interns work to keep the animation process smooth and speedy. Here's an inside look at what it's like to work as a FableVision art intern. If you want to hear their back stories, hobbies, or see samples of their art work, check out the Meet the Art Interns post on the FableBlog!

Here's a little back story. Stephan, an illustration and animation student at Rhode Island School of Design, explains how he found FableVision:

I was looking for an internship that involved animation and had a close focus on teamwork involved. When my school sent out an email about FableVision's summer internship program, I checked out their website and immediately loved the aesthetic.

Now that I'm interning here, my favorite part about working at FableVision is the weekly Monday meetings. They are so much fun, and it gives me a chance to see what all the other people in the Studio are working on. These meetings definitely embody the teamwork aspect I was looking for in an internship.

What are they working on now? Brendan, an animation student at Rochester Institute of Technology, shares his experiences thus far:

As a student, the goal of any internship is to immerse yourself in a professional working environment to get an idea of how the industry works. What's great about FableVision is that it's a smaller studio with close relationships and frequent communication among the staff. It's easy to talk to different artists about their work and ask questions. As interns we also get to sit in on staff meetings to learn more about how everything works in a client-based business, which is a rare and valuable experience.

I love animating with the other art interns. We get to work hands-on with various animation projects, surrounded by other professional artists, and looking out at a beautiful view of Boston. For a rookie animator, it couldn't get much better than this.

FableVision Art Interns Testing Camera 1

Brendan explains the intern project:

Our main project has been animating a short called “The Testing Camera" by FableVision founder and New York Times bestselling children’s book author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds. It's a story about standardized testing and the effect it has on kids. Peter sends the art interns drawings of characters and scene layouts, and we animate the scenes in Flash. The three of us work together while animating to make sure the scenes are consistent in style and narrative, and to push through various technical challenges.

Peter has a distinct artistic style, which is exciting and challenging to interpret as an animator. It’s great to be pushed out of our comfort zone; being immersed in this project teaches us how to incorporate our own creativity into a project while respecting somebody else’s vision. It’s a much different process than working on independent projects as a student, and a great way to learn about how a studio works and communicates.

FableVision Art Intern Testing Camera 2

Jazmine, an animation student at the School for Visual Arts, provides her perspective on "The Testing Camera":

I really love this project, not only because it's challenging artistically but also because I can relate to it. As a child, I struggled with standardized testing in school, and I feel like this film hits the nail right on the head.

We’re excited to see the final product of “The Testing Camera,” especially knowing that our art interns helped it all along the way!

Are you an art or animation student and interested in interning at FableVision? Check out our jobs and internships page for a job description and application details.