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While we should do our part to protect our planet every day, Earth Day is a great reminder to stay educated and get involved. Here at FableVision, we are passionate about learning no matter what time of year. However, Earth Day is an especially important day of awareness because, if there is one thing that we can always learn more about, it’s the planet we live on.

This Earth Day, we’re highlighting the climate-control PSAs we created in partnership with Big Tent Entertainment, Nippon TV, and the United Nations. The PSAs feature Sorajiro, a well-known weather mascot from Japan, who, along with his friends Potsie and Kumo, encourage children and teens to make eco-friendly decisions.

Sorajiro, nicknamed the Weather Monster, frequently appeared on Japanese weather channels, and even had his own eco-educational television show. In four, 30-second public service announcements, FableVision wrote, storyboarded, and animated Sorajiro and his friends in cartoony and whimsical situations as they tackle environmental topics, such as marine litter, air pollution, climate control, and environmental health.

Anyone can be environmentally conscious. We want people of all ages to learn about how important it is to preserve the Earth. FableVision was proud to work on a project like Sorajiro because it’s important to start conversations about environmental conservation early and encourage both children and adults to get involved in their communities. After all, everyone, no matter their age, can make big changes by having the courage to speak up and “say something.”

Click here to learn more about our work with the Weather Monster Sorajiro, and don’t forget to get involved!

Check out our four PSAs on YouTube and below, and share your planet-saving tips using #BreatheLife, #BeatPlasticPollution, #CleanSeas, #ThinkEatSave, #BeatPollution, and #GreenYourLife.

Anyone can be an Earth protector!