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In the words of FableVision founder Peter H. Reynolds, Say Something is “sequel-ish” to his 2018 tale, The Word Collector. In The Word Collector, main character Jerome found the right words to share with the world, and in Say Something, published by Scholastic, some new friends are finding the best way to speak up and speak out! If you feel in your heart something needs to be said, say it! Say something with your words, your actions, even what you wear! When you have the courage to “say something,” there’s a chance the world will listen.

Say Something is a statement, a proclamation, a call-to-action for young activists everywhere. It reinforces the important theme given to us by The Word Collector: what we say can change the world around us. For kids, it can feel like their voices don’t matter, but Say Something is here to show that they do. It is an inspirational story that brings up an important question that any young reader can ponder: “How can I make change with what I say?” Your voice has power and weight. When you speak, you are making a difference.

Here at FableVision, we tell “stories that matter, stories that move.” We believe in the power of people and storytelling, and we create positive media to help move the world to a better place. FableVision is a place where ideas grow and flourish, and we encourage each other and our clients to always “say something.” We create with our mission always in mind. Each project and idea is treated with the same care and respect, because here at FableVision, we know the importance even just one voice can have.

Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds is available February 26, 2019 through Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Books-A-Million, and Walmart. It will be available as a hardcover, audiobook, and Kindle ebook. You can also find it at a library near you! In the meantime, check out the trailer we created in advance of Say Something’s release, available to view on YouTube.


Peter H. Reynolds is a New York Times bestselling author/illustrator of dozens of books, including The Dot, Ish, and Sky Color. His books have been translated into over 25 languages around the globe and are celebrated worldwide. In 1996, he founded FableVision with his brother, Paul, and Gary Goldberger. He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts, with his family.