Sorajiro PSAs

Client: Big Tent Entertainment

Sorajiro, the recognizable weather channel mascot from Japan, made its way to the USA for all-new climate control PSAs! Nippon TV’s Sorajiro, lovingly referred to as The Weather Monster, quickly became a widespread phenomenon with frequent appearances as a mascot popping up on weather shows in Japan and his own eco-educational television series. With characters licensed by Big Tent Entertainment, FableVision joined the team with Nippon TV and the United Nations to create funny, approachable PSAs to share Sorajiro’s environmentally friendly message with American tween viewers.

Produced in an irreverent, broad, cartoony style, the four 30-second high-energy public service announcements feature Sorajiro and his friends Potsie and Kumo. The videos tackle topical environmental issues, such as marine litter, air pollution, climate control, and environmental health while each offering a call to action to tweens, offering suggestions of ways to protect the environment.

FableVision wrote, storyboarded, and animated the videos. Background art was created through a process called photobashing, compiling existing photos into one cohesive image. Flat 2D characters were then composited onto these photographic backgrounds.

A Peek Inside


Product: four 30-second animated PSAs

Age Range: tweens

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