When I think back to the times I went on road trips as a child, I remember feeling like I was traveling for a million years. I kept myself occupied by playing “I Spy” or drawing the things I’d see through the car window. Road trips were a way to learn new things and see new places – they introduced me to the concepts of adventure and curiosity.

I’m hitting the road this summer with National Geographic Kids and FableVision Studios as they launch Dino Road Trip, a series of animated shorts that teach kids fun facts about dinosaurs in a fun and memorable journey through time. FableVision updated scripts for the animated shorts, and provided creative designs, animation, voiceover, sound effects, music, and editing. In a Mystery Science Theater 3000 style, hilarious animated dino hosts Sean and Ali provide fun, colorful commentary over National Geographic’s CG dinosaur footage. Each episode is bursting with awesome visuals and information as Ali and Sean, travel back in time 66 to 100 million years ago to discover the spectacular world of their dino friends – super cool!

With hashtags and selfies, this dynamic duo provides colorful commentary and witty dialogue with a modern spin. I can guarantee that this road trip is anything but boring!

In one episode, Ali and Sean travel back in time 100 million years to the Sahara Dessert where they get to see a Spinosaurus up close and personal! Simon teaches us that it was the biggest meat-eater that existed during that time. “So, I guess we won’t be hugging it out?” Sean jokingly responds.

Dino Road Trip does a fabulous job presenting factual information in a way that’s relatable and fun for viewers of all ages – even as an adult, I found myself laughing at the antics of our hilarious hosts. So buckle up with National Geographic Kids and learn a bit along the way as Ali and Sean (the best travel companions you could ask for) make prehistoric times modern and fun!