A good picture book is like a soothing cup of tea on a cold winter day. Whenever I am down, or having a rotten day, I wander over to the Cambridge Public Library and settle into one of the reading nooks, arms laden with a blend of childhood classics and contemporary favorites. I know that I can rely on these friendly and familiar pages to impart wisdom and put things into perspective – all with illustrations that speak for themselves.  

I love a good story (it’s one of the reasons I entered the world of children’s book publishing and what ultimately drew me to FableVision Studios) but I’m particularly fond of stories that nurture a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. And hitting that sweet spot is A Unicorn Named Sparkle (Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group), a charming new picture book written by Amy Young.

FableVision teamed up with Macmillan to create a book trailer for the new picture book. FableVision carefully selected a score and scripted words and animation with Amy’s illustrations to adapt the themes of this charming story and do what book trailers were meant to do – inspire people to read!


Young’s book follows an economical protagonist named Lucy who comes across an ad in the newspaper for a reduced-price unicorn. Recognizing a good bargain when she sees one, she sends off her twenty-five cents and makes plans for a sweetly-scented blue unicorn with a pink mane and tail, and a magnificent pointy horn. But Lucy’s in for a surprise when along comes Sparkle the Unicorn. (Spoiler alert, he is anything but sparkly.) 

In this heartwarming story about a girl and her no-so-perfect unicorn, Young teaches us a thing or two about opening yourself up to love someone for who they are and not what you expect them to be. A Unicorn Named Sparkle will live on my shelf for a long time, beckoned when I need a good laugh and a hearty reminder to manage my expectations.