This is a special year for FableVision. We’re celebrating 20 years of designing and developing a wide array of engaging media that have inspired, taught, and moved people to action. Behind this mission-driven company is a team committed to creating positive media to help move the world to a better place. This special series highlights some of our crazy-talented artist-friends we've worked with over the past 20 years. To help us celebrate our 20th anniversary, we asked each of them to put their own spin on a FableVision logo.

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Rick Pinchera is a long-time FableVision friend. He uses his experience as an illustrator, comic artist, web designer, game designer, and storyboarder to help individuals and organizations with their project needs. His clients include Viewpoint Creative, C Space, FableVision, The Humane Society, WGBH, Symbolic Studio, Harvard X, and Highlights. We asked Rick what FableVision means to him. Check out what he has to say.

Rick Pinchera

Tell us about the logo you designed:
I sketched this out very quickly and it came together without any overthinking. When that happens, it can often be the best way to work. My aim was to capture the joy that's at the core of what FableVision does in as simple an image as possible, while nodding to all the great FableVision artists that I admire. What a thrill it is to be asked to participate in this 20th Anniversary celebration!

What's your favorite FableVision memory?
When I embarked on a full-time freelance career, FableVision was my very first client. I remember getting ready to quit my full-time job while also trying to start a project with them. I had to take several of those walks around the building to join conference calls about the project. I was stressed about all the impending changes and the little deception I was pulling but ultimately thrilled to be involved with an organization that I had long admired. I felt that if a group like FableVision would hire me, then maybe I could actually make a go of this. I still feel that way.