Uuuuuuu-Meeeee-Goooooo! is what we can’t stop cheering this week. Why? Because, Saturday, Sept. 27, is National UMIGO (You Make It Go) Day, and we are stoked, but are we ready?


National UMIGO Day Checklist

1) Visit the to learn about all things UMIGO is the place kids can learn, explore, play, and discover the fundamentals of math right alongside Bit, Dizzy, and Bean, the UMIGO crew. The FableVision-developed site showcases different appisodes that include math games, music videos, and animation. For the grownups, we’ve developed a portal that explains the pedagogy of UMIGO and offers more math resources.


2) Catch up on the UMIGO episoides on

UMIGO is now streaming on, a new online and mobile network for kids, featuring cartoons, comedy, music and more. Founded by veterans of Nickelodeon and Saban Brands, batteryPOP is a safe, engaging alternative to YouTube and lets kids discover premium short form content from a wide variety of creators.


3) Find a National UMIGO Day celebration

From Baltimore to New Orleans to San Jose, National UMIGO Day is celebrated in cities and towns across the country. During these celebrations, kids will be able to experience UMIGO’s interactive touch screen kiosks that will be stationed at many of the local venues. In addition to the online educational media, local venues will host a variety of off-screen activities, which could include:

  • The Umiball Tournament, in which visitors play the same games they play on at home. But now they play against one another, with the winning team moving on to play the next group. 
  • UMIGO-inspired art projects, where kids can create and bring home their own artwork. 
  • Wingspan, a communal art project in which children and adults mark their height and wingspan in a wall using colorful markers or colored pencils.

Find your local event by checking out’s Community Partners Map and List of Community Partners


4) Dress like a UMI

We will leave that one to your imagination! Go on, have fun with it.

Celebrating in your city? Join the conversation on Twitter! Use the hashtags #NationalYouMakeItGoDay, #UMItower, #learning, #funandgames, #familyfun, and #math!