Client: DHX Media

Hey hey hey, UMIGO! With content created exclusively for, this FableVision-created website is a place for kids to learn, explore, and play. Told in a series narrative-driven “appisodes,” early elementary school-aged students interact with the UMIGO crew – Bit, Dizzy, and Bean – through math games, music videos, and of course, animation. 

Working with the established characters, FableVision worked with DHX Media to develop a website to house each appisode. Starting with a FabLab kickoff, FableVision implemented these pieces into the website starting with wireframes, then moved into technical specification, designs, animation, and programming.

FableVision also created a section of the website dedicated specifically to grown ups. This area allows parents and educators to learn more about the site, the company, and the pedagogy, and encourage both online and off-line iterations of the content. The project was funded through a Ready to Learn grant, and is aligned to Common Core State Standards.


A Peek Inside

Product: HTML5 website and mobile version of the site

Age Range: 4-8 years old

Tech Specs: HTML5

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