After a yearlong cliffhanger, Dig-It! Games and FableVision released the conclusion of Mayan Mysteries. Now, I don’t think of myself as an archaeology buff, but after seeing the exciting finale in the hunt for the ever-elusive looter, Ladrone, I might have to revise that statement.

This week I had the opportunity to play through the final chapter of the award-winning adventure game, and it’s FULL of new features. With two new levels, three authentic Mayan excavation sites, three new types of puzzles, the L.E.A.R.N In-Game encyclopedia, and even a cool fan-created character—Archaeologist Anna—I couldn’t help but be blown away!

From a player’s perspective, these new additions really capture your imagination, and pull you in as a fellow archaeologist. Whether I was constructing temples or exploring secret chambers, the games made me feel like I was in Central America searching for the mythical city of Ich’aak.

But full disclosure: Even though the games are geared toward middle schoolers, I have to admit I struggled to solve them as a college student. Evading looters and finding lost cities requires learning Mayan math and deciphering glyphs. But although they are challenging, the games and animations were too fun to give up on.

Mayan Mysteries is available as both a free demo and full version in the iTunes app store! And should you catch the archaeology bug, Dig-It! Games also has an addictive stand-alone app game, Can U Dig It! (also developed by FableVision), where you can continue to excavate and explore as your favorite Mysteries characters.

Editors note: since this post was published, Mayan Mysteries has been reviewed by a few bloggers. Hear what they have to say!