Florida Virtual School is an online statewide public school district in Florida… but it's not just any public school. With its commitment to quality interactive learning experiences for its students, funding innovative projects can bring some challenges. Florida Virtual School is bringing its campaign for a fun educational app called Cave Bro, focusing on wellness and nutrition, to Kickstarter.

 The curriculum team at Florida Virtual School has been designing Cave Bro, a mobile game created to encourage kids to become more active while learning about nutrition and exercise. Cave Bro is a Florida Virtual School in-course game for the Personal Fitness and Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) online courses.

The team quickly realized that this game should not be limited just to Florida Virtual School students. Kids everywhere are in need of better fitness and nutrition habits, so our friends at Florida Virtual School are using Kickstarter to help get its new Cave Bro project into gear.

The fully-playable prototype of the Cave Bro game, developed by FableVision, teaches players the importance of making healthy food choices and eating a balanced meal. As plated food comes down the conveyer belt, the player selects the items for the Cave Bro to eat: everything from chocolate bars to salad with ranch dressing to cake to fruit salad slide past.

Based on the selections, the game tells you about how much nutritional value each item had. Feed your Bro too much junk food and his stomach will hurt — a balanced meal will avoid those tummy pains. Relating food pyramid facts to your plate, players learn that they can’t just eat tacos, or fruit (even though they might want to).

Cave Bro has big dreams, a successful Kickstarter campaign hopes for future development of additional content for the prototype, including sections about exercise and a store for CaveBro to spend his hard-earned Gem Rocks. Visit the Florida Virtual School page on Kickstarter, and read the press release for more information