It’s finally spring (thankfully), which means it’s high time to shed those coats and get outside for an adventure! Here at FableVision, we’re celebrating the way we know best—through story. Growing up, some of our favorite books were from the Choose Your Own Adventure series. It only seems right, then, that we celebrate with a CYOA of our own…a Choose Your Own Fable, if you will.

You may remember our #tellmeafable Twitter campaign last spring, so in a similar fashion, we are looking to YOU to collaborate with us on a Twitter-style, original adventure fable!

To start our fable, we need ideas. From now until April 15, tweet us at @FVStudioBoston using #CYOFable with any and all ideas for a great adventure. We’ll compile the tweets and select our favorite.

Our FableVisionaries will move the story along, but the direction the story takes is entirely up to you! We’ll write a pair of tweets that will present three choices, and the most favorited and re-tweeted will become the adventure’s path. If that sounds confusing, fear not! It will look something like this: 

1/2: Finn loved to fly kites. One day, a big gust took his kite. It landed in a tree! He climbed up, but it was gone! Instead he saw…#CYOFable

2/2: What did Finn see? A) flying squirrel B) mama falcon C) Clyde, the pterodactyl. Favorite or tweet with #CYOFable to decide Finn’s fate!

But better yet, when FableVision tackles a new project, our team comes up with not one, but several concepts for how a project should look; a key to our Define and Design phase. As the #CYOFable ventures forward, our art interns will get to the drawing board to show you how they imagine the fable in their own unique styles. Each illustration will feel different, but together they'll bring (y)our story to life!  

So grab your compass, canteen, and creativity! Let’s Choose Your Own Fable!