Every day I’m on a safari. Okay, not a real safari, but I’m regularly on Buzzfeed checking out a cute animal video to share with friends. Nothing brightens my day more than a hilarious home video of a dog barking out a song or unlikely animal friendships. I guess you could say I take after Leo (not DiCaprio).

Leo is a kid on a mission to rescue animals. AND he’s the host of a new series of videos FableVision created to promote National Geographic KidsMission Animal Rescue book series and encourage kids to consider what they can do to help endangered animals. Cool, right? I think so.

Combining FableVision’s signature blend of humor and animation and National Geographic’s footage of adorable animals – we created four “awwww”-causing videos. Because the videos highlight the books, each video focuses on a different animal – lions, wolves, polar bears, and elephants – and mixes live action footage with animation to share facts about the animal, factors affecting their endangerment, and suggestions for ways kids can raise awareness about the endangered animal.

So you can’t afford the ticket to Africa to save the lions, but what can you do? Leo knows.

In each video, Leo talks about the endangered animal and shares ways kids can raise awareness about the animals. In the lion video, Leo is ready to start an uproar about the problems lions face in Africa and what people on the ground are doing to protect the animal. He encourages kids to spread the word by making things that will trigger a conversation about the bigger picture – like creating lion art – and then connecting with a community.


What will you do to help raise awareness about endangered species? Why not start by sharing one of these videos during your lunch break today? I mean come on, who doesn’t want to coo over a lion cub?