Bill Gonzalez shows off two of his favorite photo apps at FableVision earlier this week.

Bill Gonzalez shows off two of his favorite photo apps at FableVision earlier this week.

Everyone should know one fun joke, one fun card trick, and one fun photo app. I won't display my comedic or slight-of-hand skills here but I will share a couple of apps that amuse me.

Both of the following photo apps are made by Cycloramic who had a very successful appearance on ABC's Shark Tank.

The first app is their flagship product called (wait for it...) Cycloramic, which shot to the top of the Apple Store after the Shark Tank appearance. Cycloramic uses the power of the vibration module within the iPhone. Pull your phone out of its case, set it up on a hard (like granite) surface, push the start button, and your phone magically rotates on its own, taking a series of images that are then stitched together into a seamless movie. The first time you make this happen in the office or at a bar, you will have a crowd of people gawking.

I'm not big on buying apps but this one really intrigued me and after I used it a few times it was totally worth the $1.99 price tag. One caveat would be that this was originally designed with iPhone 5 in mind since it takes advantage of the phone's flat bottom. With the release of the iPhone 6 and its curved edges it doesn't work quite as elegantly. The work around is to prop the phone on a USB plug, but really how many of us walk around with a USB plug in our pockets? The app also does video panoramas. Download for the iPhone 6 (not 6+) here and iPhone 5 here.

The other app I've amused my office mates with is selfie360. This app puts a new spin on taking selfies by allowing you to be the center of attention in a spinning panorama. It’s free and it’s also available for Android. It has three modes: Portrait for partial spin, Panorama for full 360 degree spin, and Full that you use to walk around an object or people. Download for iPhone is available here, and Android here.

So get one of these apps especially if you don't know a fun joke or card trick! Or let us know which fun photo apps you use!