There’s no school today for most of Massachusetts as a snowstorm travels through the area. Most kids have a game plan for this day off: sledding, sleeping, snowball fights, TV, and lots and lots of hot chocolate. But until the heavy snow passes and kids can play outside, we here at FableVision have a few game suggestions to try out on this wintery day. All the games have been made by FableVision, so yes, we are a tad (or totally) biased.

Can U Dig It? Client: Dig-It! Games iTunes:!/id649173315?mt=8

What is it? For Can U Dig It!, an excavation-style puzzle game, FableVision hand-designed each level of the game, combining new art and design with some pre-existing art and assets from Mayan Mysteries. The Can U Dig It! game opens with a short animation that introduces players to the online Mayan Mysteries characters. Then, a gridded excavation site “game board” in uncovered. Players can choose between two modes: Plan or Dig.

Dora The Explorer: Find Those Puppies! Client: Nick Jr. Online:

In Dora the Explorer: Find Those Puppies! kids help Dora, Perrito, and Scooter search for missing puppies in the forest, by the river, and on the farm. At the end, children practice counting in Spanish before Dora gives the puppies their bath.

Quandary Game Client: Learning Games Network Online: iTunes store: Google Play:

What is it? Quandary is a game of survival in a new colony. The game features 13 characters—12 settlers and a captain. The characters all have different opinions on the quandaries they must face as colonists on the planet Braxos. The player, in the role of the captain, must read through every viewpoint and reach the best decision. The characters’ points are all equally valid—the trick is in listening to everyone and being understanding when arriving at a decision. This award-winning game is great for middle school students and features some really cool artwork. In the app, players can customize their own colonist. The tablet-exclusive character generator allows players to create custom characters in response to 10 brand new in-game challenges.

Caduceus Client: Children's Hospital Trust Online:

What is it? In Caduceus: Staff of the Alchemist, children enter the mythical land of Alterica, whose residents are suffering from a deadly virus. Assuming the role of healers, and using the problem-solving techniques of research scientists and doctors, children play a series of puzzle-adventure games as they seek a cure for the disease. FableVision and MIT Education Arcade designed Caduceus to help kids gain insight into the impact that research, collaboration, and altruism can have in today's world.

Not seeing a game that appeals to your kid? Head on over to and try out the Sid the Science Kid or Dinosaur Train games that we made– educational and a ton of fun!

Happy snow day from FableVision and enjoy the hot chocolate!