As fall approaches (can you believe it's almost mid-August already?), FableVision is looking for new interns for the upcoming semester. We've had some terrific talent over the past few months, and we're very grateful that they've chosen to spend their summers with us. If you're interested in an art or marketing internship at FableVision, you can find more information about them here. Meet our current interns below and see what kind of work they've been doing! Sara Archambeault, Art Intern

I’m Sara A., and I’ve been interning with FableVision’s art team this summer. I’m not in school anymore, but a recent graduate from The Art Institute of Boston with Lesley University. While I was still in school I started off as an animation major, but switched to the illustration department halfway through. It was a bit of an interesting experience being in both programs, and a challenge to switch mindsets and work processes. That said, I wouldn’t change it for anything, as it has come in handy for some of the art I’ve been tackling for the studio.

I’ve been brushing up on my Flash skills, animating characters for some of the Studios' in-house projects and some for web applications. I’ve also been flexing my design muscles by redesigning a couple web pages as well. It’s different work from what I’m used to, having more experience as a painter than as an animator, but it has been valuable having hands-on experience learning skills that are more difficult to pick up alone than with mentors.

Jillian Ferrari, Marketing & Office Management Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Jillian Ferrari and I am an incoming sophomore at Northeastern University. As a lover of literature and film, I am majoring in English and minoring in History and Media & Screen Studies. At Northeastern I help select student poetry, prose, and artwork for the biannual publication of Spectrum Literary Arts Magazine.

I’ve been an intern at FableVision since January, working with the office management and marketing teams. I’ve helped with a variety of projects during my time at the studio, everything from reorganizing office space to researching children’s film festivals and educational conferences. My first week here I learned just how much hard work goes into planning and executing FableVision’s Winter Open House. And I’ll never forget one of my first assignments: picking out the spray paint for the orange and green lucky pennies! Interning at FableVision has been an awesome experience, and I’m proud to contribute to a company with such an inspiring mission and heart.

Sophia Gant, Marketing Intern

Hello! I'm Sophia (my name rhymes with "papaya"). I will soon be a sophomore at Haverford College, a tiny liberal arts school just outside Philadelphia. I'm planning on majoring in Comparative Literature and minoring in Film Studies.

I'm a marketing intern here at FableVision, so I spend a lot of time monitoring our social media sites and prepping for screenings and sales of the Studios' work. I also have been helping out with drafting a few write-ups of projects and collecting screenshots to get ready to launch our new website. I've particularly enjoyed submitting FableVision's short film Sky Color to screenings and getting an inside look at the festival circuit.

Tyler Vendetti, Marketing Intern

My name is Tyler Vendetti and I’m a rising junior at Wheaton College in Norton, MA. As a double major in English and New Media, I spend most of my time reading, writing, tweeting, blogging, and Netflixing. While I don’t know exactly what career path I want to take, I know I want to spend my life making people happy, whether it be through writing, art, or media.

It was during my search for such an institution that I stumbled upon FableVision. As the company’s marketing intern, I’ve watched projects transform from ideas into reality. I’ve edited everything from comic books to professional proposals, blog posts to email blasts. I’ve seen what it takes to manage a company, attract new clients, and keep the ones we have satisfied. What’s more is that I met a number of amazing people (including an astronaut) and became part of the FableVision family, if only for a little while. The sheer passion that FableVisionaries have for their work gives the company a unique atmosphere that is truly inspiring!

We are putting together some internship workshops for our interns for the fall. In addition, each of our interns make a pop-up book which is added to our super awesome intern library.