We recently had our annual Open House and it was undoubtedly one of our best. With the number 13 having an openly unlucky reputation we thought, “Why not do a twist on that? Why not give 13 a new life for a new year?”

We had custom-colored FableVision Lucky Pennies and Lucky Fable Fortune Cookies. We also had a FablePhoto Booth where guests could stop in, have their soul portraits taken, and pose with background stills by FableVisionaries.

Our lucky-themed Open House featured a fortune teller (who was totally awesome and eerily on-target for those of us who had a reading). We had a ton of people come, and so many fresh faces that we were nearly dizzy by the time everyone left. Of course we always want old FableFriends to come to these shindigs, but seeing new faces with new talents and newly-acquired curiosity about what we do here at FableVision Studios is really what it’s all about.

Metallic stars shimmered in our windows overlooking the harbor and candles glimmered on hi-top tables. There were sliders. So many delicious sliders. And our signature cocktail, as always, did not fail to amaze (how can you not be amazed by edible gold stars?). Thank you, again, to everyone who came out. We had a great time. Make '13 Your Luckiest Year Yet!