Last week, we took a break from our writing and coding and drawing and brainstorming and ventured out of our office for our annual FableFun Day.  In the past, we have done everything from ferrying to the Harbor Islands,  canoeing down the Charles River, stuffing our faces at the Topsfield Fair and initiating our famous FableFun Day Kickball Game.  This year, we headed out to Marini Farms in Ipswich to venture into their Space Exploration Themed Corn Maze.  Marini Farms also boasts a huge "jumping pillow," which is pretty much a giant trampoline where most of us bounced for a good part of the day.  After what seemed like light years in the Corn Maze, we headed over to Bradley Palmer State Park where we played a classic game of "FableVision Sport," which consists of throwing, catching, kicking and dodging frisbees, soccer balls, dodgeballs and pretty much anything else we could find.  Of course, the more civilized of us sketched, napped and played Bananagrams. We topped off the evening with a trip to the famous Woodman's of Essex clam shack for drinks and dinner.

This FableFun day may forever live in our memories as the first every FableMusic video shoot. Jordan 2.0 is hard at work editing down the piece that we will be sure to share far and wide....

Here's to even more fun in 2013!