For the past year at FableVision I have been whittling away at pixels, creating a virtual world for  Ranger Rick and his friends to live in. A daunting task, because the print magazine has been around since 1967 and has an insurmountable legacy! National Wildlife Federation's Ranger Rick Magazine is chock filled with FUNfun facts about animals you love, fun jokes written by kids, amazing wildlife photography, equally as amazing illustrations, word searches, articles, etc.

What FableVision did was take the FUN and bring it all to life. We also added interactive activities, a game room with flipping dolphins and leaping leopards, full screen videos of real animals in action, a rewarding Rick dancing on screen, an outdoor activity journal, and more, all inside of Ranger Rick's Tree House.

My primary role was to create the world and oversee animation and production, which seems small compared to the genius of Creative Directors, Leigh Hallisey and Gary Goldberger, Super Producer and manager of all life schedules (and the best music picker) Kate Cotter, and especially the FableFabulous Developer, Matt Bargar (who made everything magic...seriously). The Tree House's main room was a group effort between myself and Art Director, Bob Flynn. Here is the early sketch he did for the main page, which I eventually turned into the color image below (click to enlarge):
Below is a sketch to finish example for the intro "zoom into the tree" animation (along with a few snippets of final art from the app):
It's not like any other Newsstand App out's a magazine, 4 awesome games, journal, comics, videos, interactive activities and more. For $19.99/ year for 4 issues and 1 update per issue...that's a steal! Right now it's 25% even better. If you're not quite sure about it, you can also download a Free Sampler that has a little taste of Issue #1.

I hope you'll check it out, we're already hard at work on the next issue and there is so much more FUN to come!

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~Renee Kurilla
(Lead Artist at FableVision)