What do you know about the Mayans? You've probably heard some rumors about their calendar (hint: it ends on December 21, 2012), but did you know that it's only the end of the Great Cycle, which is the equivalent of almost 5,125 years?! We're guessing you didn't (we didn't either a few months ago).  That's why we are so proud to announce the launch of Mayan Mysteries, our new educational archaeology adventure game for web and iPad, built hand in hand with our partner, Dig It Games.

Mayan Mysteries uses a visually stimulating approach to teach students about ancient Maya civilization and culture through the eyes of archaeologists. Our art team worked diligently to craft historically accurate representations of Mayan culture. Everything from cacao pots to temples have been poured over to give players as accurate a view of Mayan civilization as possible.  We were so lucky to have Suzi Wilczynski, professional archaeologist and teacher as our content expert on the game.

Players join Professor Q and his twin niece and nephew on a journey through Central America, hot on the trail of Ladrone, an infamous and elusive looter in search of the mythical city of Ich'aak. The story is told of their mysterious travels through graphic novel panels, which then draw players into puzzles and mini games about the Mayans that also help uncover the clues to both the identity of Ladrone and the location of Ich'aak.

We are so excited that this unique and robust game will soon be making its way into classrooms nationwide.  And we hope everyone will play way after December 20th, right? Stay tuned for more levels to come  and for a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of Mayan Mysteries right her on the FableVision Studios blog...