Check out these links so you can stay ahead of the curve! Featured Link: Supreme Court Has Ruled; Now Games Have a Duty- On Monday June 27th the Supreme Court decided, with a 7-2 majority, that states can not ban the sale of violent video games to minors, as it is a First Amendment violation. This ruling means that video games have now joined other forms of media such as film that are considered art forms.

Justice Antonin Scalia stated that video games, like other forms of media, communicate ideas and social messages through character development and gamer's interactions with the virtual world. Now, not all games are revered as great works of art, but maybe this ruling will swing the gaming industry to be focused on the story created, and the technique of animation. New York Times Journalist, Seth Schiesel, posses this challenge to the industry: "Now it is up to designers, programmers, artists, writers and executives to show us what art they can produce."

Mobile Apps Skype Coming to the iPad Soon-Skype took off in an unprecedented way as an app for the iPhone. The same warm reception is expected for the release of a Skype app for the iPad. Take a look at this leaked video of Skype running on an iPad to see how it might work!

Fun with the Arts An exciting new Opera-tunity for schools- The Boston Lyric Opera has a fun new twist on field trips that incorporates hands-on experience with the arts without the expensive price tag of bussing kids to an opera house.

Gustav Mahler: a world of experience- Keeping Score, a PBS series, is highlighting the life of Gustav Mahler, a late-Romantic Austrian- Czech composer.  This Thursday, June 30th, the second part of the series will be aired at 9pm on WGBH 2.  Before you tune in, take a look at the show's interactive companion website that demonstrates how Mahler incorporated sounds from his daily life into his first symphony. FableVision’s developer team wanted to share this as a great example of a site built on Drupal!

Local Events Boston Harborfest 2011- All Bostonians know about the Boston Pop's performance at the Esplanade on July 4th, but Harborfest hosts a bunch of great events like Children's Day at City Hall Plaza from 10am-3pm this Thursday June 30th!

Grab Bag Inside Google+-You probably heard about Google's launch of Google+ (Google Plus) on Tuesday. For those of us who don't quite understand what to expect out of Google+, outlines features to keep your eye on, such as Spark and Circles.

Printouts in a jiffy, anywhere- Created by Yanko Designs, the Stick POP Printer allows you to print documents off of a USB flash drive, to save you in those moments of crisis.