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For the iPad, Books That Respond to a Child’s Touch-

Children book apps, available for the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch are appearing with impressive interactive graphic capabilities. The best place to locate these game-like books is in the iTunes App Store where you can choose from over 41,000 books equipped with sound, animation or graphics that are altered by the reader's touch. Another wonderful advantage of book apps is the very small price tag; it is hard to feel guilty about purchasing a $4 interactive story book!

Some extra exciting titles include: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, Angelina Ballerina’s New Ballet Teacher, The Wrong Side of the Bed in 3-D, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!, and Cars 2 Storybook Deluxe. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is particularly intriguing because each "page" is a short video clip that ends in a still frame the reader can interact with. Children really can visualize Mr. Morris Lessmore's world coming to life, right underneath their fingertips.

Another creative twist on children's books

Little Page Turners: Cute Garden Stakes- This blog is a great source for fun books to explore with your kids and activities related to the highlighted titles. A cool activity that was posted back in May shows parents how to make vegetable garden crafts and suggests The Suprise Garden by Zoe Hall as a fun addition to story time!

Technical News

Verizon halts Unlimited Smartphone Data Plans July 7th- Verizon is following its competitor Sprint and eliminating the $30 a month data plan in exchange for different priced plans according to the number of GB of data used per month. Make sure to monitor your data usage so your plan doesn't suddenly become more expensive!

Wordpress 3.2 Write more, IE less- Wordpress has released a new version for ordinary bloggers that focuses on creating a faster, lighter, and sleeker Wordpress with out all the bells and whistles to get in the way. Head to the WordPress site to download a copy of WordPress 3.2.

For your inner child

Artist Lucy Knisley puts comic twist on Harry Potter- Inspired by a project she assigned her children's comic workshop, Chicago-based artist, illustrator, and author, Lucy Knisley has created a condensed version of the Harry Potter series into "HPosters." The poster project originally was made to attract attention to a video with her partner in crime, Nora Renick- Rinehart, called Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Any JK Rowling fanatic will instantly fall in love! Preparing for a trip to Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

If you like Lucy's work, please donate to her website! That way she is able to keep producing her inventive posters and comics!


Nine 3DS games that impressed at E3- Andy Robertson, an avid gamer, shares the best of games for Nintendo 3DS announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in June, such as Luigi's Mansion 2, Super Mario 3DS and Star Fox 64 3DS.

Gadgets for Going Green

Trashing batteries for better sidewalks- the Energy Seed LCD light from Yanko Designs uses the  multiple "dead batteries" to power this stylish light! The energy seed makes use of the harmful chemicals left in trashed batteries, so the batteries can be successfully recycled!