Here are some links to feed your imagination! Featured Link:

Sketch Swap- If you are running short on inspiration, head to where any sketch you create with your mouse will be switched with other sketchers worldwide!

With Sketch Swap, you draw something on the screen, and when you're finished, you send your drawing off to be shared with another user. In exchange, you'll receive a random drawing from someone else. The extra cool part: the drawing you receive appears in the strokes made by the creator, so you get to see the drawing process as well as the finished sketch! And don't worry, all sketches that get submitted go through an approval process, so there's no risk of "seeing something a child wouldn't want to see," as the site puts it. This is definitely a fun little online tool to fuel your procrastination creative side!

More Creativity Photoshop CS4: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words - A helpful  a fun photoshop tutorial on how to create an image out of text.

Gaming Phil Harrison on the future of gaming- Phil Harrison, the former Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios President, shares his thoughts about emerging trends in the world of gaming.

Mobile Tech Apple to "Ban iPhone Gig Filming"- With new technology, new restrictions follow. Apple is working on a patent to prevent concerts and events from being recorded by iPhones.

One educator's thoughts on using iOS 5 features in an  iPad classroom- Fraser Speirs, the Head of IT at Cedars School of Excellence in Greenock, Scotland, explores the benefits of iOS 5 features in a project that handed out 115 iPads to students as learning tools.

Digital Learning Common Sense Media Announces New Education Ratings and Review Program - A new ratings program will help parents assess learning value of digital media and highlight the educational potential of entertainment media and technology.

Grab Bag USB Prank device - Looking for a new office prank? Here's a good one to drive your coworkers crazy! Not that we ever play jokes on each other here, nor are we advocating such a thing... - An alternative search engine that helps you break through the self- serving biasied "filter bubble" which Google and Bing create according to your previous clicks.

A Scary Report Card on the World's Oceans- Alarming statistics from the  recent report issued by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) demonstrate how much damage the oceans are absorbing due to our current environmental state.