Here is this week’s edition of “The Weekly Click”!  As always, leave your feedback and feel free to add to the conversation! This Week’s Featured Link:

Do you have a particular animated movie character that holds a special place in your heart?  If so, read on to learn about what makes the design of 'The Iron Giant' so memorable!

The article discusses how the animators for the film took minimal character description in the original book, and turned the character into a true work of art.  For any fan of animation and character design this is a must read! Read Full Article Here:

For a FableVision artist's perspective on what goes into character design, check out artist Bob Flynn's blog post! Read More Here

What FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Children’s Television Linda Ellerbee Honoured at First Ever Award for Kids & Animation Known for her work creating NickNews for children, Linda Ellerbee has been selected as the first winner of the lifetime achievement award at the Banff World Media Festival.

Child Development/Education National Geographic Education National Geographic just recently released a sneak peak at their new education website, so check it out!  FableVisionaries were impressed with all of the great features for both teachers and students.

Scholastic, iVillage, and PBS Kids Allign to Sustain Children’s Summer Reading Three prominent companies aligned in order to create two national challenge initiatives that will inspire children to read this summer!

Design/Animation P1XELS-The Art of iPhone The latest art form to develop is known as iPhoneography.  All of the work featured on this website is created entirely on the iPhone!

Of Muppets and Men Have you ever wondered what goes into creating the Muppet Show?  Click here to watch several videos showing how “Of Muppets and Men” the Muppet Show came to be!

Articulating the Appeal: How Can Rats Win Empathy Great article that describes the entire process Pixar went through in order to figure out how to make the character of Remy the rat appealing to an audience!

Unsung Hero: The Character Design of ‘The Iron Giant’ Interesting article about what made the design of the character ‘The Iron Giant’ so special to the author.  For any fan of animation and character design, this is a must read!

Grab Bag! Independent Film Festival Boston The festival kicks off tonight with a screening of the film ‘Being Elmo’, which looks fantastic!  There also seem to be a lot of other really great films that are going to be screened over the course of the festival.