Here is this week’s edition of “The Weekly Click”!  Leave your feedback and add to the conversation.  Happy reading! This Week’s Featured Link: For anyone who is connected to educational media, this is a must read! FableVisionaries are take these 10 e-learning trends into account when developing applications.

E-learning is a constantly evolving field, and this list compiles the 10 trends to watch.  From iPads in the classroom to cloud computing, technology is helping educators find new and exciting ways to teach students.

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What FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Child Development/EducationThe Digital World of Young Children: Emergent Literacy Good article that discusses Pearson Foundation’s research on the effects of digital media on young children’s learning.

Why Reports Saying Limit Children’s Access to Media May Be Wrong Interesting counter-argument to research findings that suggest children having unlimited access to media is harming them.  The article suggests that children’s love of media should be channeled into potential careers in the digital, online, and tech fields.

Design/AnimationWhy Apple Succeeds: Users, Not Designers, Have the Best Ideas Very interesting article on how Apple has chosen to embrace customer contributions and let them determine the fate of its products.

Alien Invasion on the Greenway! The new art show “Occupation Forces” allows the public to experience an alien invasion!  By using an app on a smartphone, participants can see the aliens within the exhibit.

Grab Bag!(Tea) Party on Boston! After ten years, the Boston Tea Party museum is being re-built!  Check out this article to learn all about what the new museum is going to look like.

Google Body Cool new site from Google that allows the user to explore the human body, both inside and out!