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This Week’s Featured Link:

Have you ever wondered whether or not video games actually serve a purpose beyond being entertainment?   Check out this great interview with new MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito on how video games have prepared him to lead professors.

Next time you or your child is playing a video game, keep in mind that it could be helping prepare you for the future in ways you never even thought of!

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What FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Apps/Games How Apps Stay On Top In The App Store Ever wonder how certain Apps maintain their popularity in the top 25 in the App Store?  Click here to learn all about how you can help boost your own app’s ranking!

A Simpler Page For anyone who is involved in designing apps for tablet or is simply interested in the process that goes into developing an app, read here!  Great explanations on the future of tablet app design.

Children’s Television ‘Martha Speaks’ Greenlit for a Fourth Season The highly successful PBS program has been picked up for another season, and preschoolers everywhere will have the opportunity to learn new words for another year!

Child Development/Education Live Reporting: Franklin Arts Academy The new Arts Academy in Franklin, MA just came on FableVision’s radar recently, and encompasses everything that we believe in! Check out the blog as well as this link to a PowerPoint presentation about the school:

Technology TV in a Child’s Bedroom Calls for Precautions With child obesity receiving prominent attention in the media today, the debate over children having TV’s in their bedrooms has come to the forefront.  Read here for insight on how to better monitor the amount of TV your child is watching!