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This Week’s Featured Link:

New technology is currently being developed that will allow for 3D projection on mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone--without 3D glasses!

The French company Head-Coupled Interactive has developed technology that uses the front-facing camera on a mobile device to create this type of display! The position of the person's head is all that the technology needs in order to adjust the 3D image's perspective.  If successful, this technology could entirely change the way that we see things in 3D and add a fun new element to developing media.

What FableVisionaries are clicking on, reading, and talking about this week:

Apps/Games Toddler User Interface Guidelines Great blog post written by a parent that discusses what makes up a good app for toddlers.  Lots of great advice on things that do or do not work well in the interface design.

The World Of Children’s Apps: A Shakeup? Very interesting blog post on the evolution of apps for children and how it will impact parent’s ability to determine the educational value of them.

Children’s Television PBS Kids Debuts Two Web-based Series With media shifting from television to the web, PBS Kids continues to lead the charge in creating web-based series.

Child Development/Education Co-Entertainment, Media Multitasking on the Rise Good article on how the shifting in the media landscape has led to children absorbing and using media in new ways.  Helps raise awareness for parents about the problems associated with these changes.

Grab Bag! NCAA Basketball Lessons for a Coaching Manager in Business Great example of what is takes to be a good coach, whether on the court or in the office.  Definitely need to check this out!

Technology Worldwide, Students Suffer From Internet “Addiction” Blog post on how integrated technology has become into students’ every day routines.  Interesting look into the reactions students have when they aren’t in the presence of technology.