Junot Díaz and the D&D Revolution

Client: Retro Report

Once the news cycle has moved on, Retro Report resurrects stories that were once headlines, and shines the spotlight on them. Through investigative journalism, the media outlet lets viewers gain a fresh perspective into events that impacted our world. Utilizing interview footage with National Book Award finalist, Pulitzer-Prize winner, and New York Times bestselling author Junot Díaz, Retro Report came to FableVision to add some animation to Díaz’s personal connection and story with Dungeons & Dragons.

Using audio and footage provided by Retro Report, FableVision created animated segments to illustrate the story Díaz’s story. FableVision incorporated some actual D&D elements, such as the dice and pencils, to give the animation a sense of authenticity.

The final video straddles animated reality and fantasy, and will be featured on nytimes.com. The piece is part of a larger Retro Report documentary called Dungeons & Dragons: Satanic Panic.

A Peek Inside