Mission Animal Rescue videos

Client: National Geographic Kids

Working with the team at National Geographic Kids, FableVision Studios created a series of videos to promote the Mission Animal Rescue book series and encourage kids to consider what they can do to help endangered animals.

Leo, the host of the series, excitedly talks about different animals – wolves, polar bears, elephants, and lions – and encourages kids to spread the word by making things that will trigger a conversation about the bigger picture – like creating lion art – and then connecting with a community. For the videos, FableVision pulled action ideas directly from the books, created a host character, and added a dash of humor to grab the audience.

National Geographic Kids plans to highlight the videos on its website, YouTube channel, and other promotional and social media outlets. A fifth, overview video was created to promote the entire book series and kick-off the video series. 

A Peek Inside


Product: four marketing videos and one overview video 

Age Range: 8-12

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