Take a nature stroll in Forest Tourist, the all new game designed by FableVision’s fall 2018 interns! With Sam Seasons (a seasoned adventurer) as your guide, players will explore the forest as it progresses throughout winter, spring, summer, and fall.  

This point-and-click adventure game is perfect for young elementary school students eager to learn about the four seasons and the critters that come with each one! Players can follow Sam Seasons to explore different ecologies and animals that pop up in each ecosystem. As you walk through the wilderness, you’ll encounter different animals and learn facts about their life cycle, habitat, and more. Let’s branch out and start our journey, click here to play (and be sure Flash is enabled in your browser)!

Meet the team

  • Priya Amin, Production Intern, Harvard University

  • Jess Brown, Art Intern, Lesley University

  • Vath Doangpratheep, Art Intern, Lesley University

  • Christian Peth, Production Intern, Berklee College of Music

  • Marketing by Yasmine Ebeed (Marketing Intern, Simmons University) and Jennifer Jordan (Marketing Intern, Fitchburg State University)

Special thanks to the intern supervisors, Michael Fogarasi, Hannah O’Neal, and Sarah Ditkoff for their guidance and expertise. Learn more about internships at FableVision Studios here.