I’m excited that the first episode of Make School Work is live! The opportunity to produce this podcast has enhanced my internship and has given me a window into what it’s like to work here at FableVision Studios.

Before I dive into Make School Work, let’s step back one year to see how the idea for this podcast came about.

In the fall semester of my junior year at Tufts University, I wrote a research paper called Restoring the Educational Relationship: Viewing an Ineffective Model of Education Through the Lens of Entertainment Media. It explores the ways that media reinforce a negative and top-down depiction of the student-teacher relationship and its effect on learning.

In developing my independent project at FableVision, I wanted to repackage this idea for a younger audience: from academia to the iPod. What evolved was Make School Work, a podcast that uses personal storytelling to explore mentor/mentee relationships in a school setting, and how students can use them to become better people.

When it came time to record, I brought in Laila Goodman, who you’ll learn more about by listening to the episode. It was an honor to have her in the studio; being able reflect with her on my experience was a strangely apropos experience.

Sarah Ditkoff, Andrea Calvin, and Jordan Persson helped shape my idea and guided me toward making this vision a reality. I hope to expand upon it as I being my senior year at Tufts and I hope to take all of the valuable lessons I’ve learned at FableVision with me into the real world. Happy listening!

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