“Hover,” “treasure,” and “whisper” are just a few of the many words that expert word-collector Jerome has gathered and stored away in award-winning author/illustrator and FableVision co-founder Peter H. Reynolds’ latest story, The Word Collector.

It’s not until his words get lost and scattered that he begins to recognize that the hundreds of syllables he has collected are only pieces of a much larger puzzle. He realizes that words can be strung together to create meaning much greater than they have on their own. He uses this revelation to create poetry and songs that delight all who listen, encourage, and motivate people all around him, and even show affection for his furry friends. He begins to fill in the lines of his own story with healing words, loving words, and uplifting words.

Words are the greatest bridge-builders—they transcend race, religion, age, gender, sexuality, ability, and distance. Whether it’s braille on the page of a novel, a good morning text message, or a story harmonized to music, the power and versatility that words hold is the common thread. Through words we are able to connect with each other, with icons of the past, with characters on a screen, and even with our own feelings. They are the tools through which we build the story of our life.

finalwords wordcollector.jpg

On Scholastic’s site you can flex your creative muscles by tinkering with words and phrases through interactive activities that get you mixing and meddling with words just like Jerome. You can become your own master wordsmith by making a collage out of Jerome’s many words over the backdrop of the whimsical illustrations from the book.

When you get a group of storytellers together in one room, there is going to be all kinds of words flying back and forth. The image that just popped into your head is what the FableVision office looks like. Following in the footsteps of Jerome, we decided to collect some of our own favorite words together!

Watch the FableVision-produced trailer for The Word Collector here and get a copy for yourself and all the other word collectors in your life!