This is a special year for FableVision. We’re celebrating 20 years of designing and developing a wide array of engaging media that have inspired, taught, and moved people to action. Behind this mission-driven company is a team committed to creating positive media to help move the world to a better place. This special series highlights some of our crazy-talented artist-friends we've worked with over the past 20 years. To help us celebrate our 20th anniversary, we asked each of them to put their own spin on a FableVision logo.

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Dawn Haley Morton has been in the media business for 20+ years primarily serving as 'air traffic control' for creative teams. Through her previous experience as producer, marketer, photographer, and trade show maven, she holds fast to the belief that storytelling is a powerful tool. She's a big fan of writing, photography, vanilla cupcakes, and working with super-talented people. We asked Dawn what FableVision means to her. Check out what she has to say.

Dawn Haley Morton

Tell us about the logo you designed:
I joined FableVision in its second year as Studio Manager and employee #6. Over the course of the decade I spent at FableVision, there were many changes: growing from six employees to 26; moving from 44 Pleasant Street in Watertown to Boston in our 10th year; legally shifting from FableVision Animation Studios to FableVision, Inc; acquiring Paul Reynolds; launching the educational division; leagues of new friends, marriages, babies, ambassadors, books, interns, clients, freelancers, waffles, toys, projects, and so much more. 

Aside from being a creative wrangler by day, I'm also a photographer with a documentary-style blend for capturing people, space, and time.  When asked to participate in the 20th anniversary celebrations, I wanted to do a collage of some of those moments from the first decade to honor all the former FableVisionaries who helped build the brand and zen that is FableVision.

FableVision is on a 200 year mission, and it's up to all of the past, present, and future friends to keep true to the good things that happen under the FableVision roof while creating amazing stories and media. I am extremely proud of the team and how their work is inspiring and helping all learners achieve their true potential.

Keep making memories to share, and please craft Stories That Matter for decades to come.

What's your favorite FableVision memory? 
I love that I was part of the team during the creation of favorites like The North Star book (I remember the day that the first-edition cases arrived at the office!), the first animated film The Blue Shoe, first software BrainCogs, flying to Colorado to see the first North Star Musical performed on stage, plus meeting and working with the first FableVision Ambassador Terry Shay.  I'm a huge fan of the Open Houses, company Kaizen retreats, all the staff, freelancers, clients, educators, interns, and students I met along the way that I've kept in touch with. 

Ultimately though, working alongside Peter H. Reynolds to see his creative mind first hand, and how he inspires people both on his team and the world is a part of my career that I will be forever grateful for. 


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