"Home is a self portrait."

I’d encourage you to watch TINY on Netflix, a documentary about a couple’s journey building a Tiny House. The film explores themes and questions surrounding the notion of home – what is home, how do we find it, and what do the material things we surround ourselves with say about us?

There are lots of articles out there about dwellings and work spaces – creative, functional, and some combination of the two. Generally, there seem to be two approaches to work spaces:

  1. Fill them with items that inspire and/or comfort you with personal meaning.
  2. Establish a minimal design that will neither impact nor distract you from your work.

FableVision Studios is filled with creative thinkers, so we were curious about how our work spaces, both at home and at work, reflected us as individuals and our own process. So take a peek into our homes, and share your own creative spaces! What do you choose to surround yourself with? How does your home and work space function as a self portrait? 

Renee Kurilla, Lead Artist
Renee's half of her home studio is neat and tidy. She explains, "I can't get any work done if something is out of place!"  And who's that? Wave hi to her home studio cat, Timmy. 

Cecilia Lenk, Creative Strategist
Tomtes are the "soul" of the home and clean up sometimes, or not. 

Sarah Ditkoff, Communications and Development Strategist
"Here are my two favorite tchotchkes that I keep in my work space, a hand-carved Viking that my grandpa made. He always sits with my 'grump,' a small, hard, clay stone that Grandpa gave me in my stocking one year at Christmas." 

Keith Zulawnik, Lead Artist
"If you thought my desk at FableVision was crammed, my studio at home is filled to the gills with books, creatures, and all sorts of fun stuff. Here is a tiny snippet of it."

Andrea Calvin, Brand and Development Strategist
"Creativity is a cup of tea served in my Grandma's tea cup. My creative inspiration item is Coco Monkey. Coconut Monkey is the mascot for PC Gamer magazine and back in 1999 when I started dating my now husband, Mike,  was taking a ceramics class in high school. My teenage self thought Coconut Monkey was adorable, so he made one for me. I still have it 16 years later."

Alyssa Graca, Marketing Intern
"While my current workspace is my dorm desk at school, I have certainly tried to spruce it up as much as I can – and what that means to me? By making it a half-cluttered/half-organized smattering of all things that have inspired or interested me over the years! From animated series and books, to horror movies and artwork, my workspace is an embodiment of the many things I love – making it a fun and colorful place to work in an otherwise typically-dorm-like room!"

Tone Thyne, Vice President of Creative
"Here's where the magic happens!"

Leigh Hallisey, Creative Director
"Here’s my desk in my home office that I share with my cube/life mate Pete. There are a lot of toys on my desk and most of them are reminiscent of my childhood. In the left corner you can see my original General Lee Matchbox car from the Dukes of Hazard and part of my original Matchbox police motorcycle from Chips—these two shows pretty much defined ages 5-8 and began my long term love affair with TV. There are lots of pictures of my daughter Lila (my most inspired creation), and the bookshelf to the left is overflowing with everything from Marshal McLuhan, Andy Warhol, and Susan J. DouglasWhere the Girls Are (one of the most influential books in my academic life) to books about Melrose Place, the Kardashians, and some good old fashioned literature—Salinger, Fitzgerald, and Dr. Seuss."