“Life flashes by so quickly,” FableVision Lead Artist Renee Kurilla said while sharing that she was recently featured in a video for her alma mater, Lesley University. “It was nice to look back and reflect on all the decisions, artistic growth, and self realization that has happened in the past 10 years.”  

Renee graduated with a BFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design (known then as The Art Institute of Boston).

“Looking back, I'm not sure I could have ever predicted where I would end up and how I would use my illustration degree,” Renee said and she wasn’t alone.

This past summer a team from the University came to FableVision to talk to Renee and her husband, Keith Zulawnik – also an Art Institute of Boston graduate and lead artist at FableVision Studios.

While only a few desks apart, Keith said they’ve “grown to embrace being so close together, both in physical space and proximity in our profession.” The shared love for art, movies, and story keep Keith and Renee connected but it’s another quality that defines their relationship (which blossomed at FableVision).

“We both have a passion for all things silly, which I think keeps us young at heart,” Keith explained. “While we do need to jump into our adult shoes every now and then, I'd say most of the time we both think like a kid. I mean, in a profession that requires you to constantly think up worlds and characters, this is pretty essential.”

We’re pretty proud of Renee and Keith at FableVision – as artists and as a couple. We got some warm fuzzies watching the video and can’t wait to share!