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Inside Caine's Arcade: Celebrating a Young Boy's Handcrafted, Analog World

This week, along with millions of other people, we're obsessed with how awesome Caine's Arcade is.  9-year-old Caine Monroy of Los Angeles spent his summer vacation building a cardboard arcade inside his father’s auto parts store, spending months preparing, designing his games, and making creative displays. One day, director Nirvan Mullick happened upon the auto parts store looking for a spare part, and walked away with an inspiring idea instead. After playing in Caine’s Arcade, Mullick created a ten-minute short film and due to the virility of the Internet and a bit of luck, Caine is now the recipient of over $150,000 scholarship fund for his college education.  And he has millions of new fans and customers.

Mullick’s film premiered at DIY Days, where Caine was also able to present his cardboard arcade. Caine’s Arcade is just one example of how much creative imagination exists in the minds of children today. They only need a little motivation to push themselves, and their potential is enormous. The researchers of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop are invested in studying children’s learning environments, which includes their schooling, home lives, important people, and so much more. They are determined to discover just what makes children tick and what arouses them to create such incredible material, such as Caine's Arcade. The passions that drove Caine to build his arcade came from a combination of all of these factors, scaffolding and building upon one another to amount to this feat of innovation and creativity.

How Video Games are Changing Education

This fun and colorful infographic visually lays out how video games are changing education for kids. Digital gaming can help children learn new skills in the areas of literacy, science, geography, logic, history, and more. However, some feel that the push towards increased game time amongst kids can lead to greater antisocial behavior and decreased motivation to learn. At FableVision Studios, we think that digital games are great ways to bring the fun back into learning and let kids run with their imaginations.

iPhone Apps: Developers Pick Favorite Platform

Apple has locked itself in as the number one mobile platform among application developers and Google’s Android market popularity continues to slip even though Google’s device sales are surging through the roof. Industry leaders believe that it may be the fragmentation of the market’s operating system that is causing interest to drop. Unlike the App Store, which is only compatible with iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android has many different platforms on which it operates, making it difficult for developers to make their games uniformed.

Angela Maiers TEDEx Talk- YOU MATTER

This is such an inspiring TEDEx Talk by Angela Maiers about understanding your own self worth and significance. In this video, she explains just how important it is to us to know that we matter to others and that our actions can make differences in the lives of those around us. She reminds us that we are all brilliant in our own unique ways, and due to the new shift towards social media, each of us can share that brilliance with the world. Tell someone “you matter,” and see an amazing difference in how they see the world.