We hope you all enjoyed hearing from five of our FableVisionaries--Kate, Paul, Renee, Naomi, and Matt--last week as they tweeted away about the behind-the-scenes going ons in the studio.  In case you missed us last week, here’s a quick recap of what went down on Twitter: Monday: Kate Cotter, Senior Producer

Kate shared some cool information about the Snappz app she’s working on- dolphins, raccoons, leopards, oh my!  Here’s a snapshot (get it? Snappz!) of what she was working on last Monday.

Tuesday: Paul Reynolds, CEO

Paul is a tweet-ohaulic and jumped at the opportunity to tweet from FVStudioBoston last Tuesday! While he was working at FableVision Learning with his twin brother Peter, he tweeted abut creative R&D in their weekly TwinLab. He gave the FableVision Learning Pinterest a quick shout out with a link to Big Screen Books, an interactive whiteboard software that lets you explore books in a big way with lots of students.

Wednesday: Renee Kurilla, Lead Artist

Renee didn’t hold back with the photos when she tweeted all day.  She shared everything with us, from her awesome character sketches, to photos of their super top secret artist meeting, to the legendary FableFridge. Here are a couple highlighted pictures from Renee’s day of fame on the FableVision Studio Twitter account.

Thursday: Naomi Greenfield, Director of Marketing and Creative Strategist

Naomi wears a lot of hats, and she keeps switching them all day long to keep up with her many duties here at FableVision Studios. Last Thursday, Naomi went through her day of press releases for Lure of the Labyrinth Challenge, Ernie Boch storyboards, and a blog post for her presentation at the Parents and Games panel at PAX East. Check out her adorable daughter, Sylvia, who accompanied Naomi to PAX East.

Friday: Matt Bargar, Lead Developer

Last but not least, Matt tweeted all day on Friday while he did “developery things.” From Sportello bagels, to gesture recognizers on UIView, to matrix math, Matt had a super busy day here at the studio!

(Matt Bargar and Margarita Dekoli)

Well, that covers all five days last week of our first ever Twitter stunt- get excited for more stunts like this to come in the near future! We love sharing our work and the fun we have in the studio with our followers, so be sure to follow us at @FVStudioBoston and ask us anything; we’d love to hear from you!