If you're reading this, you've probably played Draw Something. This crazy addictive drawing game caught on so fast and saved the life of a struggling startup company named OmgPop. Over here at FableVision Studios, a company filled to the brim with creative people, you can be sure we're playing too.

Draw Something isn't just about drawing - it's about quick thinking and creative problem solving! There is no limit to how long you can spend trying to figure out how to draw words like "Elvis" or "Nascar." However, because your drawing is being recorded for your opponent to view in real time (Pictionary style!), there is a bit of pressure involved.

What I love most about the game is that nobody seems to mind this pressure. I'm playing games with other artists, my best friend's Mom, my cousin in Philadelphia... a wide range of people with talent they didn't even know they had! This kind of sketching is how ideas start for books, movies, animated cartoons... quick sketches we call thumbnails. So you see, everyone is an artist!

Happy Drawing!


**A Must-See Bonus: Local illustrator friend of mine, Kathy Weller, recently blogged some of her Draw Somethings, which I believe to be quite wonderful starts to future illustrations! :)

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