Featured Article Big Day for Fun Educational Apps

In a world filled with millions of apps geared towards kids, the task of knowing which apps are actually educational and appropriate for our kids is impossible! Well, all of this may be history now that Fun Educational Apps released AppStar Picks. AppStar Picks is an innovative app that provides a smart way to discover a catalogue of over 250 best apps for kids that have been thoroughly tested and reviewed.

AppsStar Picks is for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It has been designed to help parents and educators discover some of the best media available for kids. It offers a catalogue of over 250 curated apps for kids of all ages and  can be categorized by subject. It includes books, early learning, education, games, art, creative play, entertainment and utilities.

AppsStarPicks is free at the iTunes App Store and has been created and developed by Fun Educational Apps, a review site founded by a mom to offer insightful reviews to help discover some of the best apps for kids, and AppGrade, a team of professionals dedicated to provide users with high quality apps. AppStar Picks is easy to use, bright, colorful and offers a top interface that allows parents to browse, search and set favorite apps.

The app features reviews from 4 independent review sites Fun Educational AppsDigital Storytime, Applicable2U and Teachers With Apps and is dedicated to give you the best search tool to discover apps for your kids that we judge independently as deserving a minimum of 4 stars. The initial app contains over 250 curated apps and the team will keep on adding new apps and new features on a regular basis.

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