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Feature Article

Five Things You Should Know About HTML5 This week we had an in depth Lunch and Learn all about Flash vs. HTML 5.  There are a lot of rumors and thoughts and discussions about this hot topic right now and as multimedia developers, we’re making sure we’re on top of the latest and greatest news about burgeoning technologies.  Here’s a good article about a few important things everyone should know about HTML 5.

As the digital media landscape evolves rather quickly, it is important to understand the various differences between Flash, with which 99% of browsers are compatible, and HTML5, coming in at 40% compatibility. The end question really is: what do our clients want and need, and how can FableVision deliver that to them on the most appropriate platform?

Work Smart: Things You Didn't Know Your Cameraphone Could Do Google Goggles, QR Codes, and barcode storage applications are all cool and useful ways to use your smart phone to make life just a little bit easier…and more fun!

From Rapunzel to The Little Red Riding Hood, Beloved Children’s Classics as Minimalist Posters These minimalist posters are an interesting and unique way to view the classic fairytales of our childhood.

Born This Way? Gender-Based Toy Preferences in Primates The answer to the age-old question of nature vs. nurture may have just gotten a little bit clearer. In two separate studies done on primates, researchers have discovered that even other primates exhibit gender differences when it comes to play and toy preferences.

The Meaning and Importance of Pro-Social Behavior Sesame Street has long been encouraging pro-social behaviors but they take another minute just to explain what they really mean by “pro-social” and how children can benefit from these important messages.