Featured Article Preschools Add Tech to the Curriculum

At Head Start, preschool teachers are changing the game of preschool education, introducing science, technology, engineering, and math. These STEM subjects have entered the classrooms of young students, many of whom can barely read. There has been a recent push to focus on these subjects in preschool education, and many organizations promote STEM in order to see an increase in the number of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians emerging from universities.

The Obama administration has made serious moves to push America further ahead in these educational sectors, requesting $80 million to train math and science teachers. In 2010 Massachusetts issued new goals to improve science and math education and encourage more college-bound students to major in these subjects.

At the young preschool age, children are hungry to learn this kind of information, and soak it up like sponges. This kind of education can not only help inspire more engineers and scientists, but also allow children to develop their minds in ways that would help them in any subject. The main takeaway is this: STEM subject curriculum in early education can only help students develop their brains in new ways that will be useful in their future endeavors, science related or not.

Vote for Heeby Jeeby Comix #3 for the 2011 New England Art Awards

Heeby Jeeby, the all-ages comic book that FableVision's own Bob Flynn has been self-publishing for the past few years, was recently nominated for a New England Art Award in the 'BOOK' category! We just need your vote to win!  All you have do is enter your name and email to vote (no registration required). Heeby Jeeby Comix #3 is right at the top of the page in the 'BOOK' category. Vote Here!

Next Step in Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is taken to the next level at London bus stops, allowing only women to see a 40 second ad “Because I Am a Girl” for Plan UK, whereas men only get to see the link.

Designing For Touch

How do you design mobile apps to be as user friendly as possible? Accommodate fingers and thumbs- it’s not just how the pixels look on the screen, but “how they feel in the hand.”

Apple's Mountain Lion Makes the Mac More Like the iPad

Apple has done it again. Mac OS X 10.8, otherwise known as Mountain Lion, will arrive summer 2012 and will bring users even closer to iPhone/iPad integration. Apps are synced instantly across all gadgets and communication is seamless- you can even type a message from your computer and send it directly to someone else’s iPhone! Social media is built in automatically, along with hundreds of other new features that are bringing us further and further into the future of complete technological integration.

Victory for the 'Lorax': Change.org Helps Students' Petition Reach Hollywood

Schoolchildren from Brookline, MA launch a petition at Change.org to improve the new ‘Lorax’ movie website to include an environmental message, just like the book does. Their success is proven through Universal Studios’ response: you can now find environmental tips and facts alongside movie clips on the website.

FableVision's Artistic Duo Get Ready to Tie the Knot!

Newly engaged Lead Artists, Keith and Renee, are featured on the Poptastic Bride blog this month.  Check out their romantic day around Boston!