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A Great Struggle Recalled - The Boston Public Library has a new exhibit that illuminates the Civil War through historic maps and artifacts.

"Torn in Two: 150th Anniversary of the Civil War" will be on display at the Copley Square location through the end of this year, when it will move on to New York. The exhibit, featuring many gems from the library's own collection, was organized by the library's Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, which is also scheduled to open a permanent display in October.

More links that have been shared around the studio this week:

Kids and Technology Online Safety Tips for Kids from Kids - Kids today know that they need to be careful when surfing the web!

Children's Magazines Go Digital - Publishers are turning their kids' publications into immersive and fun digital apps. Check out this article for some great examples and reasons why digital publications for kids are a great idea!

Education PBS and Member Stations to Launch PBS LearningMedia - PBS LearningMedia will be a new public media education platform available to every teacher and student across the country to help re-imagine classroom learning, transform teaching, and more creatively engage students.

Grab Bag Space Shuttle Endeavor's Final Launch - As sad as we were to not be able to witness first hand the last launch of this famous Shuttle--the second to last launch of a NASA Shuttle ever? Check out his great first-person account of Monday's launch.

Animation "Crater Face" - A touching short animation about an astronaut who risks his life to bring two unusual lovers together. By Skyler Page.