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We've got some more Weekly Click links to help you get through the week. Check out what we've been inspired by lately here at FableVision!

This Week's Featured Link:

FableVision Studios is located in the Fort Point area of Boston, right on the top floor of the Boston Children's Museum. The area, which Mayor Thomas M. Menino has dubbed the "Innovation District," is truly a great place, and we FableVisionaries feel pretty lucky to work here every day. We like to keep an eye on what goes on around our little corner of the city, and this week we've discovered an interested project!

SHIFTboston, an organization trying to spur more cutting-edge design in the city, has sponsored a competition to bring a new project to Fort Point Channel. The winning design is part art sculpture, part interactivity, and part science experiment!

Entitled "Light Than Air," the design features a hot pink "cloud" anchored to a barge that will float in the channel. Within the cloud (which will be a big net) are weather balloons that will change the shape of the cloud based on the weather. Additionally, visitors to the barge can pedal stationary exercise bikes to both create energy that will be stored in batteries and change that amount of air in the balloons, directly affecting the shape of the pink cloud. So cool! Check out the full article for more info and to read about some of the other ideas that were submitted for the contest.

Read the full Boston Globe article here!

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Google Doodle Celebrates Martha Graham - We just love the Google Doodle (those little illustrated Google logos that commemorate different events and holidays) for today, which celebrates the birthday of influential dancer/choreographer Martha Graham! Check it out on Google's homepage (or, if you are clicking this after May 11, 2011,  find it in the Doodle archive). Love the Doodle as much as we do? Then you will love this touching short animation from the same artist, in this same style: "Thought of You" by Ryan J Woodward.

Gaga Grab Bag Lady Gaga to Debut Songs from Album "Born This Way" on Online Game "Farmville" - Gaga's promo may be geniuses--they are tapping into FarmVille's gigantic 46-million-strong fanbase.